Monday, November 17, 2008

Halloween 2008

The deco during the day

Porch. We were far too lazy to carve the pumpkins.

Since it's been colder, my old girl has been sleeping on the laptop we keep downstairs. The heat is therapeutic for her old bones, so we pretty much just let her do it. I took this one cause she actually looked like she was USING it. She's 15 and a half years old. I want her to live forever. :-(

Recycled RenFaire '05 pirate outfit. He sewed this from scratch using patterns. I married a gay man. You're jealous!

Before I put on my real costume.

I found these in Hilton Head and knew I had to wear them on Halloween!

Good for nothing pirate!

Drinking all the rum

.. and passing out on the driveway! What will the neighbors think??

Side note for photographers: to get the sun to minimize into a starburst, close your aperture (usually all the way to f/22) and adjust ISO and shutter accordingly until you get the desired effect.

Recycled Gypsy costume, updated with devil horns.

We put on Nightmare Before Christmas while we waited for Trick or Treaters. We LOVE this movie and will randomly burst into song throughout the year. Here we are singing "This is Halloween"

Then we started crazy dancing/twirling while singing so I just held the camera up and shot randomly, missing focus on about 98% of the shots.

Our dessert, the pumpkin pie we baked yesterday and crock pot apple cider that Matt made. We realize this is Christmas food more than Halloween.. but.. it's pumpkin.. and.. it's good. So.. nyah.

Symmetrical kittehs are symmetrical

Le casa at night. We had a flickering strobe light on the porch that made the doorway and webs flickers. We also had a cd player hidden in the window playing spooky sound effects all night. We got tons of compliments and scared a few kids. It was great.

skeery hidden pumpkin head up on the porch.

What's he doing? Pirating software, perhaps?

Happy Halloween everyone!

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