Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We're back, and we had such a good weekend!! It totally did the trick and we needed the recharge. The weather cooperated (and for a moment there, it was looking pretty bad!) and it was just a perfect getaway.

Of course, I have pics. I took a ton, so I'm gonna post them per day. These are the ones we took on Friday.

We left here around 3:30pm and stopped at a gas station to fill up and get ice for the cooler. The wind was so strong that we had to use brute force to push the car doors open so we could get out! It was nuts. Matt said he was having some strong nostalgia for the first days of summer camp when he was a kid, because of the Santa Ana winds that hit CA around that time of year.

As always, Dex was a model traveler. He usually gets some kind of a treat in the car to keep him busy. This time, it was a peanut butter-stuffed rawhide.

Hey look, we're going somewhere for the weekend that doesn't involve wedding gowns and chaos!

Almost there!


Matt's skeered!! (not really)

Once we got to our hotel, we walked Dex and got him set up in the room, and left in search of some grub. We ate at Friday's, then hunted down a movie theater and saw The Ruins. Such a disappointment! They did follow the storyline from the book pretty well, left out some stuff, changed some other stuff, but my biggest hangup was the complete lack of any character development. It was a cheesy horror gore-fest and I really didn't care if any of them lived or died. In the book, there were some I really did care for and others I hated and couldn't wait for them to die so I wouldn't have to listen to them anymore. Oh well, we hadn't seen a movie in a while, so it was fun!

Back at the hotel, my evening nausea moved in like clockwork, so I needed to lay down a bit. We schmoozed on the bed and watched the Miss USA competition:

Matt went out after Dex ate dinner to walk him

See his crate in the corner? We bring that when we travel because he considers it his haven. He's never actually locked in it except for overnight, but he chooses to hang out in there anyway. It's a good comfort when we're away from home and nothing is familiar to him.

No feel good. Thankfully it only lasted a couple of hours, as usual.

Dex tried to make me feel better by bringing me Teddy. Ok, so he was just trying to get me to play fetch.. but I can pretend!

After I ignored him for too long, he gave me his best "Hey, baby" look, and I had to cave. He's such a charmer.

Matt joined me on the bed and we schmoozed for the rest of the night. Don't look!

While we were laying there, I kept the camera on my stomach pointed up at us. I wanted to get "candids" of ourselves, haha. This was after Matt said something totally crazy.. but I can't remember what it was!

And since we're complete children, we passed the time with the following:

Dex wanted in on the fun!

And since we hadn't yet had enough..

Matt wanted to take a Myspace pic.. but I couldn't be serious for long enough.

We ended the night with a romantic goodnight kiss before lights out:

You can't take us anywhere.

I took a load of pictures on Saturday from Biltmore and our picnic..more later!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Did some shootin today. It's finally Spring!

A perfect Spring thunderstorm rolled in later in the afternoon, and when Dexter went out for his post-dinner poo poo, he came in absolutely covered in mud! So he was immediately whisked into the bathroom and plopped into the tub. Luckily, he loooves bathtime, and towel-dry time...

Lovin the rub down from mommy.

lil puppy nose!

Poor little dogurrito

After the towel dry, it was time to get brushed by daddy! Dex just tries to eat the brush the whole time instead!

You're too short! ha!

Take that!

Trying to reason with him...

Ugh, what is THIS?


Dog on the run!

Maybe if I hide behind mommy, he wont find me!

Now he REALLY can't see me!!

Ha.. gotcha!

I am NOT coming out!

Lil dog.. or big doors?

He still loves us!

But Peanut most definitely does not love him!!

His fave game is fetch.. but he never remembers that he has to, you know, let go of the toy when he brings it back.

If he is being ignored, he will put his toy up on our desks or in our laps and wait patiently (sometimes.. other times he just barks like a mad man until he gets what he wants, rofl)

Ham does not find him amusing.

Matt in man-land

This totally exaggerates his length. Gotta love wide-angle distortion.. this pic cracks me up!!


Nylabone time!