Monday, February 25, 2008

Here's a blast from the past. I was going through some files on an old webserver, and came across some photos of my favorite college apartment.

This was the third place I lived while going to UT, and most definitely my favorite. I have such great memories of this place!

It cracks me up how hideous the quality of these pictures are. It was taken with my first ever digital camera, the HP Photosmart 250. What's even worse is I remember that camera being around $400 when I bought it back in 2001. Wow.

This was my bedroom. That bed is now in the guest bedroom of our house. The Pooh Bear comforter set (bought from a Disney outlet in Pigeon Forge) now resides in our linen closet.. though I still love it. The smiley face pillow was purchased on my first "buying stuff for my dorm" shopping trip. I was obsessed with buying cutesy colorful things to make my mildew smelling dorm seem more cheery. On the nightstand is a picture of Matt and I (of course), and the windows are treated in a strip of random fabric.. since I was a poor college student and couldn't afford (and didn't want to pay for) real curtains.

The other side of my bedroom. I had about half the storage space for my clothes that I needed, so a lot of my stuff stayed piled on that dresser. Peanut loved to sleep on the UT pillow on the floor.

The "Dining Area".. and Peanut. We actually just sold that table set, since it's been sitting in our garage for months.

Both of these bookshelves are still being used in our office upstairs. While in school, it was used mostly for my textbooks and old VHS movies. Two of those birds are now dead. :(

My lil front closet that as usually packed full of pet supplies and old candle-making junk.

The cute little kitchen. This apartment actually had a dishwasher! And a window!

CA-related bumper sticker and magnets stayed on my fridge, since at this point I was only seeing Matt a few times a year. The little dry erase board was used to countdown to our next visit.

The living room, with half a Peanut and more hideous fabric-curtains. We just sold the end table/coffee table set (also residing in our garage for months) and the ratty old couch is now upstairs in our office/hang-out room.

Peanut loved the little balcony (yes the carpet was dirty that day.. anything on the deck got tracked into the apartment), but when it was raining she spent most of her time sleeping next to the door. She looks a lot more plump and young than she does now. :( :( :(

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