Monday, February 11, 2008

I had both a productive and an incredibly lazy weekend. On Saturday, I woke up around 11am, lounged on the couch (where I usually sleep) for about half an hour on the laptop, then showered and went out in search of The Perfect Comforter Set(tm) Our current set is only 3 years old or so, but it's made of satin and is showing little picks from the cats jumping on it. Time for an upgrade.

I went to 3 different places but didn't have any luck. The ones I liked all included the satin material, and the non-satin ones were ugly. I think I'm going to order something from, since I like the prices I'm seeing and they have some very pretty sets.

When I got back home I pretty much vegged out for the rest of the day. I am trying this new thing where I actually don't work on the weekends if I am not shooting *gasp* I would also like to take Mondays off on the weekends where we have a wedding. It would just be nice to not be working 7 days a week, from 10am until I fall into bed. That has to stop... soon.

On Sunday, Cleaning Day (tm), I woke up and got to work. Since I was alone, it took me almost 4 hours to clean the house. It has to be done, though. You can't live in a house with 3 cats and a dog and expect to maintain some semblance of cleanliness without giving it a deep clean at least once a week.

After the house was all shiny, I made a grocery list and did the shopping for next week. I found a cool blog post on how much an average family spends on food per week. Check it out We are usually right at $100 every week (give or take 20 bucks).. we can reach as high as $170 on the weeks we need to stock up on pet food/supplies or hygiene products. Pretty cool to see how we rank against the rest of the world (we are on par with the North Carolina family once you take away the added cost from their 2 kids) It's also pretty amusing that the two American families on the list had the most junky processed crap-food in their weekly piles. I'm so glad Matt and I buy mostly fresh ingredients and cook almost all of our own food. We are so much healthier now.

When I got back home, I was a total lump for the rest of the night, on the couch with the laptop watching TV. Ugh. I hate winter. Cold makes me lazy. Did anyone see Kanye West's Grammy acceptance speech? Pure arrogance.. I really dislike him. I'm also frustrated with Amy Winehouse, because she has a spectacular talent and she is wasting her potential to become a legend (not to mention killing her reputation) because of her lifestyle choices. Regardless, she deserved all 5 Grammys she took home last night.

So, here it is 9pm and there are still two items on today's To-Do that I need to knock out before heading to bed. Matt's original flight was cancelled and won't be arriving until after 11pm, so I'll probably be up pretty late tonight. As usual.


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