Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We're Boring

Nothing too exciting happening lately. I had a family shoot in Gatlinburg this morning (where I learned that the kids had been stung by bees that morning, and then fire ants climbed into my sandals while I was shooting!! Owww!) but the shoot went well and the photos look great. Head over to the photo blog to see a sample.

Matt's been really busy at work this week, so he's been working full days and is pretty tired when he gets home. So our evenings haven't been very eventul. However, yesterday, he called on my way home and told me to be ready, because he wanted to take me out to buy new clothes. Huh? Who are you, and what have you done with my husband?

Apparently, since his mom bought him some new work clothes when she was out here, he decided I needed some new clothes as well. Which is true, since most of my stuff I've had for years and a lot of it is looking really faded and pathetic. Yeah, I hate being poor. But I ended up getting a new red ribbed sleeveless shirt for weddings at Belk, and then we went into one of my favorite stores, B. Moss Clothiers, and found a cute blue crinkle shirt for $8, an awesome comfy pair of jeans, and a wide neck charcoal shirt with 3/4 sleeves, mostly for fall. The best part was that everything was on sale, except for the jeans.

Now if only I could find the black 4-inch Calvin Klein stillettos that I've been lusting after for months (and should have bought when I first saw them), I'd be set.

No interesting pictures today, but I do have a pic of Bald Spot Kitty:

He has two spots where he was shaved for his echocardiogram. Poor kiddo.

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