Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tummy Woes

Yesterday after dinner, Matt and I both had some tummy troubles till later in the evening (don't think we'll be eating at that place for a while again), so we just vegged out in front of the computer and/or TV (we watched Wallace & Gromit that BBO sent us, thinking it'd be cute, and it was, but not interesting enough to watch the whole thing) and then went to bed a little earlier.

Since I didn't get my usual day off from the studio yesterday because of some appointments I had scheduled, I took today off to work on some things from home and clean up a bit around here. We're getting used to keeping the house in pristine condition at all times in case someone wants to see it. I can't wait until we move and we'll both be so close to work! With us living in North Knox, east of downtown, and my studio being all the way out in Farragut, I get to go through both major construction zones on the freeway, and it takes me 45-50 minutes to get to work every day. Such a drag.

No pictures today, but I do have a video of our babies being their sweet sweet selves.

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