Tuesday, August 08, 2006


So, here's a funny story (yes, about the cats.. they are the main source of entertainment in our lives, usually. Sad? Nah.)

Last night, around oh, 3am or so, I was startled awake by the following noise:


After going from deep sleep to a standing position in about a second and a half, I ran into the living room, sure that Punkin was on his deathbed following that scream.

I walk in to find him laying flat against the floor, ears against his head. I looked in the direction of his stare, and saw a wee black kitty on our deck, peeking through the back door.

*smacks forehead*

About that time, Ham, who had emerged from under our bed and lumbered into the living room to see what the commotion was, noticed the peeping Tom, and voiced his disapproval with a series of loud, gutteral, multi-syllable moans and groans that sounded something like English at times.

I called them both morons, pulled the shade down so they would believe the "intruder" had left, and went back to bed. Peanut slept through the whole thing.

Work has been good for both of us lately. Matt is getting more compliments on his work, and they even upgraded him to a dual monitor set up at his desk to make his work flow easier, since he was dealing with a triple-layer task bar from having so many programs open at once.

I booked 3 weddings at the studio today, got 2 print orders, and got a referral for another wedding. I am already booking several weddings for 2007, and I'm hoping that by the time '07 actually gets here, I'll have a fully booked year!

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