Thursday, August 24, 2006

Busy Weekend Ahead

Tomorrow, we're headed down to Chattanooga for most of the weekend for a number of things. First stop will be Hair Benders (hopefully.. I'm still wait-listed atm) to get my highlights and layers touched up, and then I'm taking a few shots for Kelly's salon for a local magazine. That means hauling a couple of monolights and umbrellas down there. Blech.

Saturday, I'm shooting a wedding for a girl I've known since I was 12 years old, so that should be fun! Since wedding shoots are an all day thing, we'll probably stay a second night in Chattanooga, and then come home on Sunday morning in time for our third open house.

Monday afternoon, I'm doing a follow-up shoot to a disastrous studio session I had last week. We were trying to wrangle 5 kids, aged 10, 7, 3, and a set of 18 month old twins. The mother and I were the only ones there, and we really could have used at least 2 other adults, because the shots just weren't working out since I only had about half of my attention on taking the pictures, and the other half on making sure the kids didn't trip on the wires and smash their faces open (they were running around *everywhere*) The individual shots were cute, but the groups just weren't happening and I knew that's what the mom really wanted, so I offered to go to her house on Monday and give it another try, because I figured in their own home, the kids would feel less inclined to run around and explore and may sit still (without screaming and crying, that is) for a few group shots.

Matt's department at work is having a special lunch next Friday to celebrate the kickoff of football season!! I won't be there, but it has an orange and white theme and everyone is supposed to sign up and bring something with a UT theme. We've been braintstorming but haven't really thought of anything good yet. I figure too many people are going to do something lame like put orange food coloring in frosting and slap them on some white cupcakes, so I want to do something really unique that no one will expect. Any ideas?

Guess I'll get back to work now!

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