Thursday, August 31, 2006

Birthday, and Catch up

I haven't updated in a while, so I'll start with last weekend.

We went down to Chattanooga on Friday to take a group shot of Kelly and her stylists at the new location of her salon, and then we all went out to eat (me, Matt, mom, dad, Kevin, Kelly, Melissa, Chris, and Nicholas) together.

Afterwards, Matt and I stopped on our way home to pick up some cute Spongebob school supplies for my mom. She's taking a class on web design at Chattanooga State, and we wanted to tease her about going "back to school".

Saturday, we went to Kelly's old salon so she could cut Matt's hair (his hair was about to eat someone, seriously. It was getting dangerous!) and then it was off to the wedding, where we were for the rest of the day. The pictures were AWESOME, and I think it's the best wedding yet (of course, I say that about every new wedding, so I guess that's a sign that I'm constantly improving!) The samples from that wedding will be posted to the studio blog by the end of next week.

Yesterday was my birthday, and Matt did something so cute. Inside of the card, he had designed a little menu that looked like this:

The hilarious thing is that Matt ENJOYS going with me to shop for clothes. He really gets into it, it is so funny. He loves thinking of ways I can combine prospective purchases with stuff I already own (the best part is when he gasps when he thinks of something he thinks would look good.. it is SO FUNNY)

So after clothes shopping (I bought a fitted brown jacket to wear at the studio with 2 different colored camisoles for underneath, and a long-sleeved burgandy cowl neck shirt for winter weddings), Matt wanted to buy me shoes (I told you he was metrosexual), and I got a pair of pointy-toed 4-inch dark brown stiletto heels. Heck yeah.

Hobby Lobby was closed, so we substituted Best Buy to waste time before the movie (we didn't buy anything.. nothing interested us, suprisingly).

The only downside to the evening was that the movie completely sucked. Not even the slightest bit funny, and I lost a good 20 minutes in the middle when I totally fell asleep in Matt's lap and woke up with my entire left leg numb. Hehe.

I didn't take many pictures, but here's a few:

While wasting time before the movie. Anyone notice how it's pretty close to impossible to EVER pick something up in one of these things?

In the theater, Matt doing his trademark Billy Blanks impression

My trademark 8-year-0ld pout. These pictures are really stinky. My point and shoot totally dies in low light (ISO max of 400, BOO!)

The awesome flowers David & Diane sent to the studio. They look great in the front room!

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