Thursday, July 27, 2006


Not much going on over here today. More nitpicking about our loan options for the new house (payments and escrows and closing costs, oh my!) I'm actually glad that we have this 90 day "down time" to be picky about the loan we end up with, though, I am a little anxious about whether or not our place will sell in that time period. We're doing all we can at this point, so I guess we'll just wait and see!

We're having an open house August 13th. Tell all yo' people.

I'm thinking of turning half of my front showroom at the studio into a retail display of wedding/prom/pageant accessories/jewelry. I already have the wholesalers for everything I'd need, and it'd be a very concise, controlled inventory (just one or two of each item kept in stock and I'd just re-order when needed). Basically, my ploy is to lure some of the 7,000 (literally) middle and high school kids that hang out in the shopping center after school. With that many people crowding the center, I need some way to get them IN the studio, and then I can start pushing portraits when wedding season begins to wane in the fall/winter.

It's an idea. I may not even do it. We'll see.

And now, before my night of off-and-on tutoring begins, some random pictures from today:

Our new hopeless addiction.

Poor Nut seems to be overshadowed by her little "brothers" lately, so i figured she deserved a picture.

I think he's dead...

And the obligatory daily one-armed tired-and-gross shot of us.

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