Thursday, July 20, 2006


Punkin was taken to the UT vet hospital today for a complete cardiac work-up. A few months ago during a routine check-up, the vet noticed he had a little bit of a heart murmur. We had a basic echocardiogram performed that showed slight thickening of the walls in his heart, but they recommended we take him to UT to see exactly what was causing it and so we'd know the correct way to treat him. He's been there all day today, and I can hopefully go get him in an hour or so.

Here he is last night showing off his new manicure ( they are awesome!) Keep in mind that most of my day-to-day "fun" pictures are taken with the little point 'n shoot camera, so they are less than stellar, usually.

In other news, I stayed home from the studio today to continue de-cluttering and cleaning the condo for showings and open houses. We're listed with the MLS now, so hopefully we get some interest soon. We only have 87 days left to sell! In the meantime, the condo is going to look worse before it gets better as I slowly pack up extra clutter to either stash in the attic or store in the studio.

I give you... Junk(tm)!

and Ham.. who is looking rather bug-eyed here

and Matt, who I made smile for a picture when he got home from work. I look nasty here, so just look at him, k?

That's all I got.


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