Thursday, December 17, 2009

Look! We built a house!

.. a gingerbread house that is. One that's made for 5 year olds, cause that's about all we can handle.

If I were to be honest, I'd say that I'm not the biggest fan of Christmas.

There, I said it. Man, I feel SO much better.

Ok, I don't *hate* Christmas, but it's certainly a holiday that is most magical for the little'uns.

And.. since we don't have any little'uns, and do not plan on it for a long long long long long long time, we'll continue doing crap like this to put a little fun back in the season.

Here's an ugly, low-quality, poorly-edited video of the construction process. You know you're just dying to watch it now!

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Kat said...

That gingerbread house looks amazing. Why is it that they always look sooooooooo good and then taste so disgusting?

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