Monday, December 07, 2009

It's Halloween!

Really, it is.

I fully intend on using my free time to get caught up on our personal photos. By free time, I mean the 3 hours on Sunday evening when I can sit down at my desk and not feel guilty for doing things other than client work.

Though I love my clients. Every single last one of ya.

So, where was I? Ah yes, Halloween. My favorite holiday marked the official beginning of our vacation this year.

Let us begin with our typical long-armed self portrait

Though most of the day was spent frantically packing for our trek to NYC the next morning, we cooked a sinful (shh, don't tell anyone) meal, dressed up, watched scary movies, and had fun blasting our remote-activated fog machine at poor unsuspecting trick or treaters.

We make our own fun.

And Matt makes good enchiladas.

Really, really good enchiladas.

I found the recipe. Yep. You can find it here.  We substituted the chili powder for taco seasoning, and the green chiles for Rotel.

Our drink, Green Grog (recipe!) in progress.  I used diet 7-UP instead of Sprite for mine.  Matt says I am gross.

We found these cups for 50 cents each at Halloween Express.

And, I can't believe we went through the entire night without a real photo of our ridiculous costumes. This cell phone shot is the only proof that they existed.

Too soon?  Don't judge. We love MJ, really.

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