Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We love to cook, and usually we are pretty good at it. However, a recent attempt to make homemade falafel has failed not once, but twice! We decided to document the process the second time 'round, hoping for better results, but alas...

Well, just look at the pictures and see for yourself.

Preparing the side dish - at least this turned out OK:

Pouring the beans into a colander:

Rinsy Rinse

Weeding the cilantro

Meanwhile, our emergency back-up plan waits patiently in the freezer

Drying off the beans

Choppity chop

Adding everything to the food processor - good so far!

A lil' unyun

"So.. you're srsly gonna take pics of every move I make?"

Meanwhile, Dex was in the living room pining for the tennis ball that he shoved under the couch. Punkin sat presidential-like on the couch

Add some garlic

...some ground cumin

...a few other things


The uncooked falafel awaits its uncertain future

It's not looking so good.. the kitchen (and house) is filling with smoke!!

Hmm... no?

Oh well!

This time, we raised the oil temperature (too much, it seemed) and added a little flour as a binding agent. Instead of falafel stew, we got hockey pucks! We think the problem this time was not using the right kind of oil to fry in, so when (if) we try it again, maybe we'll finally get a good result!

Now my request to all of you is to leave a comment and let Matt know that you have faith in him as a cook - his poor little Chef-Ego is pretty bruised right now!

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Merideth Matossian said...

you making me hungry and I just ate.

Merideth Matossian said...

you making me hungry and I just ate.

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