Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Matt and I were in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. We were both working during the day, so we really only had the evenings to explore, but that was fine, because the city was definitely more stunning at night!

Here are some of the snapshots we took while there:

Dex was a good boy for most of the trip, but when he got restless, a little tug-of-war did the trick.

And a few kisses to mommy and daddy when he was feeling lonely

Our hotel room was so colorful!

The room had amazing window seats with curtains you could pull closed behind you.. so cool!

This was the night we went to the aquarium on Lake Michigan, and definitely got one of the best views of the city.

Sears Tower takes center stage. I didn't get a full perspective on exactly how massive it is until you're standing right under it, though. Wow.

Another view of the tower.

Chicago's skyline is so stunningly beautiful.

Who's this?

Freezing our butts off while waiting for our cab outside of the aquarium.

front of the aquarium

On one of Dexter's evening walks (which he LOVED.. he did not know what to think about all of the people and activity that he got to witness!) I noticed this striking sky. I love how the buildings themselves are reflecting the color!

This was the night we went to the top of the Hancock Tower (a little shorter than the Sears Tower, but this one is said to have the best city views because of where it sits). Since I have an irrational fear of heights (flying freaks me out), it's a miracle I even went up there.. even though I didn't stay very long. Ha. It went like.. "Ok, yeah, that's nice. Wow, beautiful view *snaps a few pictures* Where's the elevator?"

This was the view Dex has as he did his twice-daily business on the bank of the Chicago River.

On the way home from dinner one night.

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